Omni and J.P. Morgan announce strategic alliance to deploy working capital solutions in Latin America 

Omni and J.P. Morgan announce strategic alliance to deploy working capital solutions in Latin America

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Today, we are happy to announce that we have signed an alliance with J.P. Morgan Chase; this partnership will allow us to deliver working capital solutions power by Omni to J.P. Morgan clients and their suppliers in the whole region.  

This is the first alliance of its kind in Latin America because It will leverage the best of both worlds; having the capital, clients, product expertise from J.P. Morgan, and the data-driven capabilities from Omni, we have created a unique product offering for the region. 

“First, I want to thank our partners inside of J.P. Morgan: Stuart, James, Filipe, Heather, Dominique, and dozens of others that have worked for a year to make this happen! We knew it was going to be a challenge. But, it drove the team to level up, and we knew we were competing with every option in the market; super proud of everyone at Omni; this shows we have put together a world-class team”   

Diego Caicedo, CEO & Cofunder of Omni

We will be delivering Omni solutions to J.P. Morgan Clients in the region, working alongside their local and global teams to provide customers and their supply chains with stable and sizable working capital solutions. In the beginning, we will offer Supply Chain Finance, but soon we will enable AR financing, Data-Driven Factoring, and Working Capital Loans to support suppliers through the entire working capital cycle. 

“We have invested a lot of time and effort building the backbones to get to this point. A year of hard work and we are now ready to deploy”

Andres Abumohor, COO & Cofounder of Omni

What does this mean for Omni and the region? 

  • 1st it is a significant show of confidence from a Global player in the region’s future and of how partnering with Fintech can enable real solutions at a scale we never thought of before.
  • 2nd we found a partner that understands the advantages of leveraging Latin American infrastructure to serve regional clients. For example, electronic invoicing, tax reporting, and other systems enable a new generation of working capital solutions way beyond existing supply chain finance. 
  • 3rd it further enables Omni’s multibank and a multiproduct offering in the region. We can now operate not only in local currency but also finance suppliers across the globe, leveraging JPMs foreign currency capabilities and global footprint. 

How big will this be? the sky´s the limit, but clients are impressed and excited to have the best of both worlds, and at Omni we are ready for #TheNextMile Diego Caicedo, CEO & Cofunder of Omni.

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