Online factoring, agile and secure liquidity

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Online Factoring is a financing solution that allows to convert pending invoices in immediate liquidity.

At Omni we know that most companies and SMEs need financial liquidity in their cash flow to fulfill their monthly obligations. That is why we offer a solution that does not generate debt and is really agile.

online factoring


1st Advantage of online factoring

We anticipate the flow of issued invoices
It is not necessary to wait up to 120 days to receive liquidity for work that has already been done. With Omni’s Online Factoring, it is possible to get working capital when you really need it.

2nd Advantage of online factoring

Financing without reporting indebtedness
It helps to keep financial statements strong and quota limits intact. This liquidity solution does not generate debt for the company.

3rd Advantage of online factoring

We disburse in a record time
Access to financing without leaving the office and without so much paperwork. This solution improves cash flow.


Si tu empresa o pyme busca liquidez inmediata y tiene cuentas por cobrar hasta por 120 días, la solución financiera de Factoring Online de OmniLatam, te permitirá obtener capital en tiempo record.​

El Factoring en Colombia con OmniLatam, funciona así:

1st dot How does online factoring work?
Day 1. Company issues invoice and account receivable.
2nd dot How does online factoring work?

Day 5-10. Company sells the account receivable.

3rd dot How does online factoring work?

Day 5-10. Omni pays the accounts receivable minus discount.

4th dot How does online factoring work?

Day 30/60/90. On the due date, the debtor pays Omni or a third party the full value of the invoice.


  • 1st reason to factor online

    Our operations are without commissions and without operational costs.​

  • 2nd reason to factor online

    It is not necessary to have collateral or previous lines of credit, as we do not review the credit history. We are interested in the present and potential of the companies, that is why we evaluate them in real time.

  • 3rd reason to factor online

    We advance up to 98% of outstanding invoice, so the company can use that money to meet their obligations and be financially secure.

  • 4th reason to factor online

    Immediate liquidity without generating debt, as it does not have to be reported in the consolidated financial debt. Therefore, it will not fill the quota limit for future credits.

  • 5th reason to factor online

    At Omni, we have a team of experts who provide consulting and a world-class technology platform that is dedicated to providing the best service.


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