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Omni suppliers are our allies: they help us meet our business objectives; they transmit knowledge, identify trends, offer quality products and differentiating services for our customers, work team and collaborators.

The support of each supplier allows us to get better and better and also ensures that we have the necessary backing to open up the possibilities for new solutions.

Omni suppliers


At Omni, we work with companies that always deliver 100%.

We partner with all types of companies and individuals who are passionate about what they do and give us the best of themselves.

All teams with great ideas that contribute to boosting our business are welcome.


1st point for contracting suppliers

This is when a business needs must be solved and it is necessary to obtain support, advice or management from a company or person external to Omni.

2nd point for contracting suppliers

After that, the selection of potential suppliers is made.

3rd point for contracting suppliers

Proposal study​
Subsequently, a process of analysis of the submitted companies is established and the most solid proposal is selected.

4th point for contracting suppliers

Due diligence
During these stages, information and documentation from the supplier is sent. Omni’s AML area studies them before contracting with the selected supplier.

5th point for contracting suppliers

The supplier sends required data and documents.

6th point for contracting suppliers

Contract and NDA
The legal area draws up the contract and the parties sign it, if they agree. It is also necessary for the new supplier to sign a confidentiality agreement.

7th point for contracting suppliers

Relationship formalization
After that, the new Omni ally is created as a supplier and can provide the service for which it was contracted, as well as legalize the corresponding payment.


We love to have suppliers that add to what we do every day. To accomplish this, at Omni we make supplier procurement processes transparent.

To make this possible, we always study each proposal and, in order to accept it, we give special importance to the suitability of each initiative, as well as to qualities such as experience, knowledge and track record of each potential partner, because we know that Omni’s suppliers are the ones who can provide us with ideal solutions for the needs we have to solve.

At Omni, we believe that great transformations happen when we work with multidisciplinary teams that can bring new perspectives and knowledge to the table. In addition, we believe in diversity, so in our processes we do not exclude anyone based on beliefs, cultures or gender.


Who can be an Omni provider?

Individuals and legal entities that can provide a solution to one or more Omni requirements.

In which country or city do I need to be located to become an Omni supplier?

Your company (if you are a legal entity) or you (if you are an individual) do not necessarily have to be located in a specific region. At Omni we already have suppliers in several countries, so we have the necessary experience in this type of contracting.

Can I check the documentation required to become an Omni supplier?​

If you are selected as an Omni supplier, we will let you know in advance which documents you need to sign and send in order to move the whole process forward.

Are there any barriers or filters in the supplier selection process at Omni?​

At Omni, we love working with suppliers that provide ideal solutions to our requirements. We choose teams based on their suitability, originality, proposal and the value they generate for us. Within our processes we do not exclude anyone on the basis of race, gender, beliefs, etc.

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